Why You Should Visit Reno-Tahoe Territory This Spring

Why You Should Visit Reno-Tahoe Territory This Spring

Reno-Tahoe Territory is one of those places that’s fortunate to truly experience all four seasons. It’s something locals like to brag about because it gives variety to the calendar – creating days that you look forward to. Here’s why you should visit Reno-Tahoe Territory this spring.

Wildflowers Are Poppin’

We know it’s spring when the colors of the scenery explode around us – and Reno-Tahoe Territory’s landscapes perform this well. The snow-capped mountains are suddenly standing on green foothills and wildflowers bring a splash of color. Spring hikes become a photographer’s dream with spring colors decorating the landscapes. Carson Valley’s abundant hiking trails are some of the most popular for wildflower viewing.

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Rushing Waterfalls

Warmer spring temperatures mean faster snowmelt. That might not sound great to our winter sport enthusiasts, but perhaps a hike to a waterfall can scratch the itch. Reno-Tahoe Territory has several waterfalls within easy hiking distance. From Carson City, a popular intermediate trail is the Kings Canyon Waterfall Trail. For more experienced hikers, the Ash to Kings Canyon Trail is more than 13 miles total out and back taking nature goers past a waterfall and various landscapes.

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Events Season Revs Up

After the cold winter months, folks are ready to get outside and that means Reno-Tahoe Territory’s special events season revs up. In April, the Genoa Western Heritage Days celebrate the town’s roots with family-fun western experiences, music and cultural demonstrations. May brings downtown Reno the Reno River Festival, where some of the world’s top whitewater athletes take on the Truckee River Whitewater Park.


Double Day – Ski and Golf in One Day

There are very few places where you can ski in the morning and hit the links in the afternoon. Reno-Tahoe Territory is one of those, and “Iced Tee” as the locals call it, is totally a thing. With the proximity of some of Diamond Peak, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and Heavenly Mountain Resort to the region’s abundant golf courses, it’s easier than you might think!


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