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Carson Valley Trails Association

If you enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or simply walking the dog, the Carson Valley Trails Association is an organization you will want to explore.  The tenet behind the Carson Valley Trails Association (CVTA) began almost two decades ago with the vision of connecting community and nature through a system of trails.  Since that time, 54 miles of non- motorized trails have been built throughout the beautiful Carson Valley.  There are pedestrian, equestrian, and cycling system trails along the Carson Range Foothills at Fay Luther, Genoa, and Jacks Valley, some connecting to the Tahoe Rim Trail. If you like river ecosystems, the River Fork Ranch and Bently Heritage Trails will help you discover amazing views and birding.  The Carson Valley eastside is served by the Pinyon Trail with fantastic views and almost free of snow all year.  With seven diverse geographical locations there is something for everyone.

CVTA is a non-profit organization and relies on financial support from memberships, donations, and grants.  With no paid positions, volunteers are the very heart and soul of the organization and do it all including trail development and maintenance, outreach and events, fundraising and administrative operations.  CVTA works in partnership with many like-minded organizations and values its relationships within the community respecting its people, their cultures, and private property rights.

The Carson Valley Trails Association is extremely committed to developing and caring for our trails.  Please visit our website and find a trail that is right for you!

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