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Thanks for your interest in Nevada’s
Reno Tahoe Territory!

This area of the world is home to a plethora of cultural treasure, rewarding adventure, and nature-inspired unexpected experiences.

If you haven’t been to the Reno-Tahoe Territory, we’re hoping to take away any excuses. The Reno-Tahoe Territory includes Reno, Carson City, Carson Valley (comprised of Genoa, Minden, Gardnerville and Topaz Lake), North Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe and Virginia City.

For media questions or to learn more about media visits, contact:

Chrisie Yabu, APR

Our goal is to assist journalists, social media influencers and bloggers on assignment to fully experience Reno-Tahoe Territory and develop compelling, engaging stories. Depending on when you’re traveling, see our news releases for must-do experiences by season.  This information will help you to navigate the diverse, yet geographically close communities that comprise the Reno-Tahoe Territory.

General Information

There’s always something new and exciting happening in Reno-Tahoe. For the latest news from each Reno-Tahoe destination within the region, check out the following links :

Check out the other Nevada Territories for the latest information around the state:

state map icon Nevada State Map (PDF)

If you’re planning to visit the Reno Tahoe Territory and need assistance with story ideas, interview sources, or travel itineraries, please contact RAD Strategies Inc. at

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